DeathLoop - Review

Death Loop

Deathloop is about an assassin named Colt stuck in a loop of one single day on an island called Blackreef.

Apparently the only way to break out of the loop is to kill eight Visionaries, the folks who are keepers of the loop. The trick is, Colt has to kill them all in 24 hours or the loop resets. Oh, and dying resets it as well.


Take on the role of Colt as you search for a way to put an end to a timeloop trapping Blackreef while being hunted by the island’s inhabitants.

Use powerful weapons and abilities to take out eight key targets across the stunning and chaotic island before the day resets.

Lurking in the shadows is rival assassin Julianna whose sole mission is to take Colt out and keep the loop going. Learn from each cycle, try new paths and approaches to break the loop once and for all.



Colt seems to have all sorts of guns at his disposal along with the ability to teleport short distances and lift enemies into the air telekinetic-style. He's likely got other abilities we haven't seen just yet. 


He'll need to use everything in his arsenal to hunt down his eight targets across the four districts of Blackreef. 


Each of your targets have their own schedules and personalities, meaning you'll need to work out how to bend them to your will so you can kill them all within the time limit.

Some of them can only be tracked down in certain times or places. Part of the puzzle comes down to learning the city itself.

You can tackle any area of Blackreef at any time as you pick up clues and learn more about your targets


You'll need to learn what parts of the story you can influence in order to draw out your targets where you can deal with them. Basically, it sounds like Arkane's previous Dishonored games mixed with the sandbox puzzles of the Hitman series.

Who are the Visionaries? 

The Visionaries are the ambitious twentysomethings who run what's called the AEON Program—a project to chase eternal life.

They've used themselves as the eight anchors for a time loop to live forever, though it sounds like they all have their own motivations for Colt to exploit. They also each have superpowers granted by trinkets developed by AEON scientists.

Signature Arkane gameplay

Fight to survive a deadly game of hunter vs hunted as you immerse yourself in first-person action armed with a powerful roster of otherworldly powers and savage weaponry. Choose your preferred playstyle, from sneaking your way through each level to barrelling gun-first into the fight.


Blend single-player and multiplayer gameplay

Experience the main story as Colt as attempts to break the loop and earn his freedom. You can also take control of rival assassin Julianna, sneaking into another player’s campaign and keeping him imprisoned in the loop by killing him. The multiplayer experience is optional, and players can choose to have Julianna controlled by AI within their campaign.


Knowledge is power

Each new loop in is an opportunity to learn from the past and adapt. Finding clues and uncovering hints is key to taking out targets before the day resets. Discover relationships, learn schedules and do whatever it takes to gain the necessary knowledge. Apply what you’ve learned in previous loops to devise other new strategies and eventually reach your targets. 


The island of Blackreef

Explore Arkane’s artful world of multiple pathways and emergent gameplay as you immerse yourself in DEATHLOOP’s stunning, retro-future, ‘60s-inspired environment. Blackreef is a stylish wonderland imprisoning Colt, a world ruled by decadence where death has no meaning, and delinquents party forever while keeping him captive.